This is our story!

Pepegina`s restaurant opens its doors in 2008 in Loreto, B.C.S, initially just as a pizzeria presenting an innovative product of excellent quality, with its love for service, allowed to this a continuous growth for developing the 1st. Chain of pizzeria and restaurant with 5 restaurant branches operating in the same municipality. Preserving its traditional and majestic pizza and adding to its menu typical dishes of the region and gourmets, it is currently positioned as one of the best restaurants with variety of food and drinks in Loreto. A few years later their products gave the opportunity to the opening of a new restaurant branch in Ciudad Constitución, B.C.S.

Pepegina`s restaurant is considered a local employment generating company, excellent work environment, continuous collaboration with society and local suppliers, working under the standard of fair trade and conservation of natural resources of Loreto.

Pepegina’s restaurant invites you to discover the gastronomy of Mexico in one of the most beautiful and natural destinations of Baja California Sur.